POP Peeper and Skin Notifier v3.6

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POP Peeper and Skin Notifier v3.6

Post by Jeff » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:40 pm

POP Peeper v3.6 has been released:

For a list of changes:

PPTweaker v3.6:

A new version of the Skin Notifier has also been released:

The new Skin Notifier has many new features:
- You can now read, delete, mark read, and ignore messages directly from the notifier
- Right-click context menu allows these options even if the skin doesn't support them directly
- Zip files are directly supported -- you don't have to unzip the skins
- Drag&Drop skins -- drag the skin zip file onto the Skin Settings window and it will copy the file to the correct folder
- The popup will appear even if POP Peeper window is open
- Skins can now have a custom sound played when they popup (user-optional)
- Right-click context menu allows access to all commands
- Remind me later command (access via right-click)
- "Most Recently Used" list of skins on PP's Options menu
- A "common" graphics folder is now used; this makes it so frequently used buttons don't have to be included with each skin, and it allows for easier user-customization

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