GMail's changes Imap behavior

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GMail's changes Imap behavior

Post by Jeff » Tue May 25, 2010 7:23 pm

Until recently, retrieving messages via GMail/Imap would not mark the messages as read on the server. Some people may have liked this, but it is not standard Imap behavior. Now, if you retrieve preview/entire for your GMail accounts in POP Peeper, the messages will become read in your gmail account (note: the messages will appear as unread in POP Peeper). If you do not want this behavior, you should change your accounts to retrieve only "headers" and so your messages will only become marked as read when you read the message.

To change this behavior for all your Imap accounts:
- From the main menu, select Options / Set Options
- Select the "Message Retrival" page
- For the "Default Retrieval Options" change Imap = Headers
- Press OK

Note that webmail works the same way, so if you want similar behavior for those types of accounts, change Webmail = Headers.

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