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Yahoo issues (webmail v3.8.0.22)

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:23 pm
by Jeff
A couple of Yahoo-related updates have been made in the last 36 hours. These will fix the "0 messages" bug and the "empty message body" that would occur on some accounts when trying to display messages. These bugs were not directly related and did not affect all accounts the same (ie. some accounts with one error didn't have the other), but I suspect that these are changes that Yahoo is rolling in and would have affected all accounts eventually. Special thanks to the people that let me borrow their accounts so that I could fix the problem earlier, as my own accounts are still not currently affected by the empty message bug.

Once you have the v.22 update, messages that were downloaded with the previous versions will still display "empty message body" so if you want to fix it for those messages, you'll need to remove them and have POP Peeper download them again: