Hotmail images not displaying

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Hotmail images not displaying

Post by Jeff » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:09 pm

ISSUE: Inline images on Hotmail accounts are not displayed, even if remote images are not being blocked.

The problem is that Hotmail has applied a very short time limit (it appears to be 5 minutes) that an inline image is available from the time that the message is retrieved. What this means is that you have 5 minutes from the time that POP Peeper downloads the message so that you can view inline images. After 5 minutes, the URL that displays the inline image is no longer valid and you would have to refresh/download the message again for another 5 minute interval.

This does not appear to affect file attachments, only inline images that display directly in the message body.

Here are the recommended options:
1) Use IMAP to access your Hotmail account:

2) If you cannot use Imap/POP3 over SSL and you must use webmail access, then set your Hotmail accounts to retrieve headers only. That way, PP won't retrieve the message until you're ready to view it and you shouldn't run into the 5 minute issue. To affect all webmail-based accounts, go to (main menu) Tools / Options / Message Retrieval and set the Default Retrieval Option for Webmail = headers. For individual accounts, edit the account, go to the Advanced page and change the Retrieval Option = headers.

3) If the message is already 5 minutes old, you can force POP Peeper to download the message:

Regarding this last option, the next POP Peeper v4 beta (b09) will provide the capability to re-download the message directly from the view-message window (it will be under the File menu).

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