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POP Peeper v4

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As of today, POP Peeper v3 users will start receiving the notice that POP Peeper v4 is available. It has been available for quite some time, but some people may not have gotten the announcements or have decided to stick with v3 in the meantime.

v4 is a recommended update for the following reasons:
1) v3 will no longer receive any WebMail updates
2) v4 (free) has all the features of v3 and many more
3) The UI is not drastically different than v3, but for any changes that may seem overwhelming to you, you may change them back to a more familiar setting:

If you have the Add-on Pack v3, please be sure to update to the Plus Pack v4 because the add-on Pack v3 will not work with POP Peeper v4. This is a free update if you purchased the Add-on Pack. See below for the link.


Unique features in POP Peeper Pro:

A list of all changes in POP Peeper v4:
http://www.esumsoft.com/products/pop-pe ... onhistory/

If you have purchased the Add-on Pack, you will need to update to the Plus Pack v4:
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