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Information for new users & forum members

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Welcome to the Esumsoft Forums Community! :)

This article is intended as a general guide/introduction to the Esumsoft Forums. To view more info about any topic below, just click on the link provided.

A. For general information about the Forum itself and its various functions such as posting, User Control Panel settings, BBcode usage, usergroups, user settings, receiving notifications of replies to a topic, etc, see: FAQ about the Esumsoft Forums

[The info above can also be viewed by clicking on "FAQ" - shown at the top left part of the Board Index page]

B. Forum Rules information: Esumsoft Forum Rules

C. Who are the members of "The Team"?
Meet The Esumsoft Team

D. Inserting/attaching images within your post:
How to take a screenshot and attach/insert it into your post

E. What to do If you encounter problems using POP Peeper:

Often times, many issues which occur may already have a resolution. Before creating a new topic, please try the following first:

1. Check within the POP Peeper Program's Help Files for a solution.

[To access: Open POP Peeper, click on [HELP] > Contents]. On the next page, a list of topics will be shown on the left side of the screen. Simply scroll down the list, left-click on the topic you want information about, then click the [DISPLAY] button. The topic information will appear on the right side of the screen.

2. Review the POP Peeper FAQ page at: FAQ about using the POP Peeper Program

3. Use the "SEARCH BOX" box at the upper right part of the Board Index page, to see if a topic already exists in the Forums about the issue(s) you're having. You may find a resolution there. You can also perform an "Advanced Search" by clicking on the "cogwheel" icon shown to the right of the Search box. (Additional options to help narrow your search results will be shown on the Advanced Search page displayed).


A. Words/terms must contain a minimum of 3 characters, but not more than 14 characters.
B. A maximum of 7 words/terms can be used in a search.
C. Certain search words/terms may be deemed 'too common' by the system, and automatically excluded from the search parameters you entered.
(The Board will display a message alerting you if any of the above issues occur).

If you are still unable to find a solution, then create a new topic (in the appropriate sub-forum). Please provide as much detailed information possible about the issue you are having - including the text of any error messages POP Peeper is showing by following the instructions provided in the Sticky topic below:
PP error messages: How to view them & copy/paste into your post.

**CAUTION: When posting, be sure to edit/obscure any personally-identifiable information, such as, your actual email address (e.g., the part before the "@" symbol). This is for your security/privacy.

If you should have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to let us know!
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