How to take a screenshot & attach/insert it into your post or a PM

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How to take a screenshot & attach/insert it into your post or a PM

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Often times, including a screenshot of a problem you're experiencing with Pop Peeper can significantly assist in identifying and resolving it. The first set of instructions shown below (provided by Jeff), explain how to take a screenshot. The second set of instructions explain how to attach/insert a screenshot into your post or a Personal Message.

How to take a screenshot:

- Make sure the POP Peeper window is open and that it shows the problem.
- Press Alt+PrtScr on your keyboard.
- Open your favorite paint program, or the Windows-installed "Paint" program if you don't have one.
- Press Ctrl+V (or: select Edit / Paste from the menu).
- You should see your captured screenshot of POP Peeper.
- Save the file, preferably in .png format (it's the best format for screenshots).

**CAUTION** Prior to uploading & posting a screenshot which has your EMAIL ADDRESS shown, edit the portion of the address before the "@" symbol by erasing or obscuring it! This is for your security/privacy & prevents spambots from harvesting your email address.

Editing a screenshot can be accomplished by using MS Paint or a number of other picture-editing programs available on the Internet.

* It is also helpful to give the saved screenshot a good, descriptive filename.

How to attach/insert a screenshot to your post:

1. Beneath the Editing box you are entering the text of your post into, click on the [Attachment] tab.

* If you are including a screenshot in a personal message, just click on the [ADD FILES] tab, as there will not be an [ATTACHMENT] tab shown.

2. Click the [ADD FILES] button.

3. Select the image you want to upload from your computer files by double-clicking on it.

4. You will then be returned to your post. The file you uploaded will be shown under the word, "FILENAME" beneath the bottom of the box you are entering the text of your post in.

5. You will see an empty white box to the right labeled "FILE COMMENTS". You can optionally enter a brief description of the uploaded screenshot if you desire, or simply leave it blank.

6. Next, place your cursor where you want to attach/insert the screenshot in your post & left-click the mouse once.

7. Lastly, scroll down to where your uploaded image filename is shown, & click on the [PLACE INLINE] button (shown beneath the image filename) to complete the attachment/insertion procedure.


(A) More than one screenshot can be inserted into a post.

(B) You can delete a screenshot from your post. Also, if you entered an image description in the FILE COMMENTS box mentioned in Item # 5 above, you can rename or delete the image description altogether.

(C) There is a maximum (Kb/Mb) limit for all images you insert/attach. (The exact limit is unknown at present). However, if the maximum is exceeded, the Board will alert you to this fact, when you click the [SUBMIT] button to post your topic/reply. You will then need to edit your post and *delete one or more images in order for the remaining images to be displayed.

* To post any images you had to delete, simply make a reply to your own topic, repeating Steps # 1 - 7 shown above.

* You may want to first print out these instructions to have on hand for reference.

*** Additional information on cropping images using MS Paint is provided in the next post by Moderator, Matthew.

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How to crop a screenshot with the pre-installed "Paint"

Post by Matthew Wai »

For advanced users of Microsoft Paint who want to cut unnecessary parts off the screenshot before saving, you may click on the dotted-line rectangular icon and then click and drag on the image to select the area to be retained, then click on [Crop]. For users of Windows XP and older, after selection you should click on [Edit] ──[Copy] and then paste it to a new file created with Paint.

You may click here to see the details.

A convenient way to open Microsoft Paint on Windows 10: press the Windows logo key + R and then run "mspaint".