Change in How "Reply-To" Works (Yahoo Only?)

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Change in How "Reply-To" Works (Yahoo Only?)

Post by Godiva » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:59 am

One nice feature of Pop Peeper is how the "Reply-To" feature has worked for outgoing messages. I could put anything I want in that field and if a recipient clicked the "Reply" option to an email I sent, that address would be the address used for the reply. Of course if I wanted to actually receive the reply, the address would have to be legit, which it was, since I own the domain used. For example, let's say I own the domain I would have the email address of for my electric bill, for my amazon account, etc. Even if these addresses weren't set up with my Yahoo email account as valid outgoing email addresses, I would still receive emails sent to those addresses, since I had a 'catch-all' option set up for all incoming emails to that domain. This was useful because I could automatically categorize incoming emails based upon the Reply-To address.

However, yesterday I tried creating a new "Reply-To" address within an outgoing email (from Pop Peeper) using my AT&T/Yahoo account, and for some reason, that address is now being checked by Yahoo to see if it's a valid outgoing (what Yahoo calls a "send-only") address. And because I haven't set up that address, sending that email fails with this error message:
PP Reply-To Error.png
I don't know if this new behavior is because of something different within Pop Peeper, a change to how Yahoo looks at the Reply-To field, or both, but I'm wondering if there is a way for Pop Peeper to reinstate the 'anything goes' functionality of the Reply-To field?

I would add the new address to my list of send-only addresses within Yahoo, but there are two problems with that approach:
  1. Yahoo only allows a maximum of 10 send-only addresses.
  2. Currently, I'm not able to add any additional send-only addresses to my Yahoo account (there is a failure with Yahoo sending the verification email), even though I have less than 10 (this problem may be related to the error I'm receiving when trying to use a 'temporary' Reply-To address).
Is there a fix that can be done to Pop Peeper, or do you know of another work-around I could try?

NOTE: I'm running Pop Peeper Pro v4.5.2 with Webmail v4.5.11.0 and SSL v1.0.2.16. All other modules show the same version for both "Current" and "Latest".

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Re: Change in How "Reply-To" Works (Yahoo Only?)

Post by Jeff » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:57 pm

I just tested a and can confirm the same result as you -- an error when using an unverified reply-to address. I didn't test adding it into my yahoo account, but I'm sure it behaves as you describe.

Unfortunately, if that's the way that Yahoo wants to do it, there's nothing that POP Peeper can do to get around it. Most smtp servers will reject 'from' addresses that haven't been verified, but this is the first time I've seen it for reply-to (I tested gmail for a sanity check and it still works as expected). I'm sure Yahoo implemented this as a security concern, though I'm hard-pressed to come up with a realistic way it could be exploited.

The one suggestion I would make would be to use your domain's mail server instead. If you have your life's email history stored on your Att/Yahoo account and don't want to change that, then include a BCC to it. If there's more to it, then we could probably come up with some way to do what you're looking to do.

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