Where did my White List go?

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Where did my White List go?

Post by Jan46 » Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:30 pm


New user of the Pro & Plus Pack so it all may be my fault, but... The first thing I did was register the two packs and then filled my White List. Everything works perfectly and enjoyed the fact that PP "has my back" sorting my mail - accurately.

A couple of days later I needed to be out of town for work and Cut->Paste the entire folder to a thumb drive and hit the road. I had done that a number of times in the past successfully with the Free version.

Later, when I launched PPPro it required me to re-register and activate both the PPPro and Plus Pack. Once fully launched, the first thing I noticed that my email headers were no longer color-coded. Since the colors are a visual function of White/Black/Unknown Lists as a visual aid function of identification, immediately looked in the Antijunk->Main Interface - Empty White and Black Lists (I had not used the other categories yet)

Being new to the Pro versions, I thought it was something I did by accident. During the next few days I kept an eye on the licensing and added to the White list emails addresses as needed.

Returned home and Cut->Paste the entire folder back to my hard drive. Same thing, I had to activate the licenses and White list was empty.

Am I missing something... something I should (should not) have done?

Thank you for your time

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Re: Where did my White List go?

Post by Jeff » Wed Feb 26, 2020 1:50 pm

Welcome to the forums, Jan46.

There are 2 relevant folders:
1) The Program files; usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\POP Peeper\
2) The Application Data; usually: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\POP Peeper\

If you use a portable installation (and it sounds like this may be the case for you), there's usually just one folder, such as:
Program Files: C:\POP Peeper\
AppData: C:\POP Peeper\data\

Most of the AntiJunk data -- including the white/black lists -- is stored in a file named AntiJunk.db, which will be in the base "AppData folder", e.g.
C:\POP Peeper\data\AntiJunk.db

It sounds to me like the AntiJunk.db file isn't being copied correctly, so what I suggest is to make sure that this file in particular is being copied to your thumb drive. For reference, the file that stores your accounts and other settings is poppeeper.ini (which may be in either the "Program Files" folder or the "AppData" folder).

You can find where POP Peeper is expecting to find these files by going to:
main menu: Tools / Options / Storage
This will list the location of the "Ini file" and the "data path" (aka AppData).

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