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Check Mail button

Post by mel »

From the poppeeper help file:

"Check Mail
Press this button to check your accounts for new mail.
By default, this will Check the mail for all enabled accounts. By using the dropdown menu, you can check the mail for the selected account(s)."

There's no dropdown menu...

To be clear, I'm not reporting an error in the help file -- rather, I want to use the dropdown menu.
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Re: Check Mail button

Post by Jeff »

This is actually referring to a different "check mail" button than the one that appears on the toolbar. Back in the olden days (PP v3), there was no toolbar and the "check mail" button was available directly on the GUI (below the Accounts list). This interface is still available, but it's mostly for people who hate change and I highly recommend not using it (it's always on the table for removal if it becomes more of a nuisance than it's worth).

What you should do instead: right-click on the account and select "check mail".

Alternatively, you can change the "double-click on account" = "check mail":
1) From POP Peeper's main menu: Tools / PPtweaker
2) On the "Misc" page, change the option for "when I double-click on an account in Account List" (2nd option from top)

If you really want to use the old check mail button (again, not recommended), it's also in PPtweaker, on the "interface" page:
- Display check mail and run client buttons below account list (v3 style)
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