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Re: Italian translation

Post by Jeff »

This is exactly why I made this rule, because I don't want to get into any arguments or stomp on anybody's feet. Something similar happened with the French(?) translation years ago and it was just more stress than I wanted to deal with. And, retalv, for the record, no one else mentioned a problem with the translation. I'm sure that it's not perfect (ie. you mentioned capitilization, which I only changed in PP recently, and all the translations were done back when Microsoft liked to Capitilize Every Word) and maybe the original author would value your input.

I do have some v3.8 translations (including Italian) on file. I'm hoping to get them published tonight.
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Re: Italian translation

Post by retalv »

You know ... we are a strange people, but if you exceed the clichés of spaghetti, pizza, mandolin and mafia, you can guess that we all have to do things better than wasting time redoing things already done well, in a free and disinterested mode (if not non-we would use the nickname).
Two users have remade or put in place one thing, and a third had set out to do the same.
If I wanted to work with the original translator would not have expected that I was proposed ... I accept your policy, do not expect the share.
If you read "between the lines" you'll see that they are... Do not just look, you must see.

With best wishes for the continuation to all!
Con i migliori auguri di buon proseguimento a tutti! :)
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Re: Italian translation

Post by JRF »

The PP translation file Italian 3.8.1 rev.0 has been published on 16 Sep 2011 .

Downloading and installation instructions are available on the Languages page .


Il archivio di traduzione Italiano 3.8.1 rev.0 è stato pubblicato il 16 settembre 2011 .

Il transferimento e le istruzioni di installazione sono disponibili alla pagina di Lingue .
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