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Post by gordon »

My email account was hacked today :-(
It provides my internet.
I spent several hours with the ATT phone reps today.
We tried many logins which finally predictably locked the account for 24 hours.
I had PP running at the time, which captured 10 emails for that account.
The first email reported a temporary password had been created.
The second email reported:
We have updated our files with your new password.
This pattern repeated 5 times.
It took 15 minutes.
Maybe an attempt to discover the personal questions?
In the future I will create bogus answers and put them in the Lastpass notes.

The ATT techs said they could create a new account and delete the existing acct.
A last choice for me.
That choice may cause me to lose a discounted premium.
And I want to get my account back.

It is kinda weird that Oauth was able to download 10 emails when the password was
changed on the first email. PP refreshrate is 10 minutes.

Ahh, I wonder if they sequentially testing security answers and when there
were 4 incorrect guesses they changed the password in order to reset the 24 hour clock?
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Re: hacked

Post by Jeff »

Sorry to hear about that; I know how stressful that can be.

Oauth2 doesn't use your password to login, but it's up to the server's implementation on how it would react to a password change. Ideally, it should immediately revoke any current Oauth2 sessions/tokens and force them to login again, but "ideal" and "practical" don't usually coincide. And, besides that, POP Peeper was probably already connected to your account (IDLE) and so it may not have needed to attempt a login for some time.
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