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Top or Flop weith smtp.

Post by mailfreak » Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:03 am

i can receive email with this provider but sending email is at this moment not possible for me cos don t know have to set up so it works.
I used my own smt and then it went well.


That was before i ve found this out.

For pop and smtp use mail.ikojomail.com

For Outlook ( Express )Users.

popmail = pop / mail.ikojomail.com - smtp / mail.ikojomail.com .
pop port 465 SSL YES
smtp port 143 SSL NO
smtp requieres authentification use same as those of receiving email.
username is yourusername@ikojomail.com

IMAP is the same as pop mail.

With popmail you can leave message on server and delete it when you delte it locally.

If you want to add extra folders check them on the webmail and locally to make sure there is no mishab because it can be.

I can t find out what is the reason that they are NOT configured that on the web and locally the are equal and on the web you can not route mail to an other folder.

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