COX Email: How to set-up an IMAP account

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COX Email: How to set-up an IMAP account

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[For Cox Communications email users]

This informational topic provides instructions for setting-up a COX email account as IMAP in PP. (After creating the account in POP Peeper), verify the account settings are correct by right-clicking on the Cox account in the Account List, and select EDIT. This displays the GENERAL tab window. The information/settings shown on both the [GENERAL] & [SEND MAIL] tab pages should correspond to what is indicated below.


Account Name: The unique name you give the account
Email Address: [i.e. your actual full email address]
Login Name: The part of your address before the "@" symbol only
Password: The password you use to log-in to the account on-line
Server Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server:
SSL: Yes *(ensure you have the latest SSL plug-in installed. To check this and/or download the latest SSL Plugin, if needed, please review the information provided HERE). Info is shown on lower half of the page.
Port: 993
IDLE/PUSH: Yes; (Check-mark the box).

NOTE: On the [GENERAL] tab page, there will be no "[Oauth2]" button shown. This option is unavailable in Cox email accounts at this time.


Outgoing Mail Server:
SSL or TLS: Yes
Port: 465 or 587
Server requires authentication: Yes; (Check-mark the box).

Additional information about IMAP set-up is available on the Cox website in THIS ARTICLE.

**[NOTE]: Although the article on the Cox website (referenced above) also provides information on how to set-up a Cox email account as POP3, the Cox Tech Support staff continue to recommend using the IMAP protocol instead, as does The Esumsoft Support Team.

The majority of information/instructions provided in this topic are credited to/excerpted from the Cox Communications website via the article link shown above.

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