COX Email - log-in issues may be due to update request

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COX Email - log-in issues may be due to update request

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[For COX email accounts being accessed with POP Peeper]

If you should be experiencing problems with PP being unable to access any or all of your COX email accounts, and PP is displaying an error message, such as, "Timed Out", "Check username and password", or some type of "storage-related" error message, etc, the issue may be that Cox is requesting you to update your account's security information.

To correct this problem, you will need to log-in to each affected account ON-LINE, and complete the update process. BEFORE DOING SO - be sure to first disable POP Peeper's auto-check function for the affected COX email account. If you have multiple COX email accounts, only disable auto-check for one account at a time as you complete the update process described below for each of your accounts.

Upon logging-in to the account on-line, a page will be displayed asking you to update your account. It will offer you two choices - to continue, or do the update later. You must complete the process before PP will be able to access the account, so select [CONTINUE]. The next page will ask you to select a security question and enter the answer in the box underneath. In the next box, you must re-enter the answer again. (Remember - the answer is case-sensitive). It will also ask you to enter an alternate email address.

Upon completion of this step, the Cox will send you a confirmation email to the alternate email address you entered. You will need to open the email and follow the instructions given within 48 hours, in order to complete the update process.
After logging-out from the account on-line, remember to re-enable the auto-check function for the account in PP.

**Important note: If you also decide to change the password on your Cox account while logged-in to it on-line...remember to also change the password for the account in POP Peeper. Otherwise, PP will generate a login error message the next time it performs a mail check of the account.

[This informational topic last reviewed/updated on: May 8, 2017]

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