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POP Peeper v4.5.1

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POP Peeper v4.5.1 is now available. This is strictly a maintenance update so there are no new features.
The most important fix in this release is to fix a -11 error that occurs with Yahoo, but because the list is short, I'll include all the changes below.

You can download POP Peeper v4.5.1 here:

There is NOT an update for the Plus Pack, but if you have a Plus Pack license and you'd prefer the full installation (POPPeeperPro+PlusPack), you can download that here:

v4.5.1 changes:
- Fix: cacert-full.pem wasn't always being used when it should ("self signed certificate in certificate chain"; imap.gmx.net)
- Fix: Certain IMAP servers (Orange) do not support the "special-use" extended flag correctly (resulting in no folder listing and error when deleting email as messages could not be moved to the trash folder)
- Fix: Certain IMAP servers (AOL/AIM) may include NULL characters in text response which caused POP Peeper to parse the response incorrectly (note: AOL subsequently fixed this issue)
- Fix: POP Peeper may not report an error if IMAP server disconnected during login
- Fix: Certain issues with pre-defined servers when creating a new account
- Fix: HTTP headers larger than 8KB would fail (this is to fix a recent Yahoo WebMail issue where http headers will sometimes be 28KB or larger, this appears to be a non-intentional Yahoo issue)
- Fix: User-flag: In View-message window, the '*' to indicate the current flag might be placed on the wrong item or none at all (if using custom icons where the display order didn't match the index order)
- Fix: User-flag: clicking directly on the (top-right) user-flag to bring up context menu would adversely affect subsequently accessing the 'user flag' menu under the 'Message' menu (graphics would be invalid)
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