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Search Box

Post by Styx »

PopPeeper Pro v5.0.0.2023 with PlusPack

The Search box on any Account page - Search tab - the Search box on the right side needs to be longer (side to side) even though we can type more into the box than its present size. Even at full-page compare it to the Search box on these Forums at full-page.

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Re: Search Box

Post by mjs »

Hi Styx,

Thanks for the suggestion.

FYI -- Out of curiosity when comparing the number of characters in the forum search box versus the POP Peeper search box (on the same computer) at which time the box is filled up for both search box's using the same character (in this case lower case "x"). Surprisingly, FWIW, I found that the forum search box has room for 21 characters and the POP Peeper search box has room for 29 characters (in each case, prior the point at which additional characters scroll beyond the size of the box, respectively). So while the POP Peeper search box does admittedly appear smaller in size (between the two) the POP Peeper search box will accept 8 more equivalent characters when comparing the two search box's. Perhaps a result that surprises you as well. :wink:

Further curiosity lead me to check out the Windows File Explorer using the same criteria discussed above to determine the number of equivalent characters the Windows File Explorer will take which turned out to be 15 characters -- far less than either of the two search boxes compared above.

And one last thing to consider is that of all the possible POP Peeper "Special search actions" referenced on the Advanced Search page - most likely none will exceed 20 characters.

In most cases, I would surmise that probably 15 characters is far more than what is necessary for purposes of a typical search. (and of course as you know, whatever is entered beyond the size of the search box can be observed by using the keyboard arrow keys in either direction).

I'm just putting out this information for consideration -- nevertheless it would appear there is clearly room enough to change things around a bit to increase the size of the search box on the main POP Peeper Interface. So perhaps it will be something that Jeff will consider in any case. :D
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Re: Search Box

Post by Jeff »

I had thought about this myself in the past week. The current width probably is sufficient for most searches, but there are times when I do some specialty searches that it's just not quite enough; e.g. you add a "f:" and a "s: whatever" and suddenly you're a little cramped.

So, b24 will increase the search box width based on your window size, at a 10% ratio. The current width in b23 is about 153 pixels, and in b24 the width on a typical 1920-wide monitor will allow for about 258 pixels; or enough for 50 x's (give or take based on the width of your accounts list).
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