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Post by napouser »

HEY I PAID phat $$ for this crappy app and it doesnt even work properly so i want these things fixed or my money back

just kidding love the program
in fact i was using popeeper for 6 years until i finally decided its worth to pay for it even tho i dont need anything from the pro version and why not try the super duper pack with calendar

now the calendar is fine and nice however i have some requests if its possible

1) can u make the widget sticky? when shutting down pc or sleep the widget switches from 2nd screen (tv) to 1st and i have to move it
2) can u add a transparency effect to it? so i can have it in front of other windows but with like 10-20% so it doesnt bother much
3)i ve seen the other thread about google support. how is that going? personally i have all my reminders and events into google and i cant really switch. would be nice if the program could read them even better to write new ones
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Re: requests

Post by mjs »

Hi napouser,

Your post scared me at first... 8-[

(note from Jeff: these instructions do not apply to a multi-monitor scenario; these instructions apply to Aeris v3 when the desklet is placed on the bottom of the screen and the forecast/todo would appear below the screen)

In regards to question #1 - this can be done currently (assuming by "widget sticky" you mean to make the Aeris Desklet fixed on the desktop so it won't shift positions when positioned near the desktop edge including when booting the computer)

While the Desklet is NOT locked (when locked the right-click context menu applies to the Windows Desktop) - do the following:
Right-Click on the Desklet to get the Desklet context menu options and set the following options as listed in the steps below:
1) Disable auto-hide
2) Optionally disable show forecast/todo
3) Optionally disable calendar
4) From the Calendar Go to "Tools" > "Options" > "Desklet" and enable (check) "Lock Desklet".

The Desklet will remain fixed at the location where you positioned it prior to doing step 4 (keep in mind to access the right-click Desktop menu options the "Lock Desklet" option must be disabled).

As to your other two questions -- I'll leave this to Jeff as I'm not aware either can be done. (Perhaps because of "Themes", question #2 could be problematic :-k)
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Re: requests

Post by Jeff »

napouser -- Kudos, you've just won the suspiciously-accurate raging user award. =D>

#1 - desklet not sticking to a specific monitor --
Regarding lakrsrool's instructions -- it's not applicable to your scenario. I had to check to make sure there wasn't a hidden setting in v2 to account for multiple monitors, but appears there's not. I've added a 'todo' to better support multi-monitors in v3.

#2 - desklet transparency --
This setting does already exist in v2:
main menu: Tools / Options
"Desklet" page
Change the "opacity" value

#3 - Google calendars (ical) support
This is ready for v3, but it will be read-only.

Once POP Peeper v5.0 has calmed down, I'll be returning to Aeris v3. No ETA on Aeris v3 and I hate even suggesting something as it always ends up being longer than expected. But I'd feel pretty comfortable saying "no more 10 years from now" and then you can be pleasantly surprised when it's sooner than that :|
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