OAuth2 Error Outlook.com

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OAuth2 Error Outlook.com

Post by Apesbrain »

Getting the following error on one of my Outlook (live.com) accounts:

"Live (consecutive errors: 10)
Login Error (OAuth2) (AUTHENTICATE failed.) -- OAuth2: You may need to re-allow POP Peeper access. Press the 'Reset' link below or edit the account and re-select 'OAuth2' from the dropdown to re-authorize."

Have reauthorized OAuth2 several times successfully, but the error persists. Able to log in at outlook.com. Any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: Problem has resolved itself, sorry.
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Re: OAuth2 Error Outlook.com

Post by Jeff »

Glad to hear it's fixed. If it happens again and you need a quick solution -- Outlook doesn't currently require Oauth2, so you can switch back to the password method. Edit the account and change the dropdown next to your login name from "Oauth2" to "password" (and enter your password if necessary).
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