POP Peeper v5.4.5 (public release)

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POP Peeper v5.4.5 (public release)

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Notable changes since the last official release:
- Fix for Yahoo IMAP issue showing empty headers for messages containing attachments (Yahoo server bug)
- Fix for cases when messages were removed from the server externally and POP Peeper didn't detect this

Voice Notifier can now use additional voices that it couldn't before. To add new voices, follow these basic steps:
1) Open the Windows start menu and type and open "Speech settings"
2) Click "Add voices" (bottom) and install the voices you want
3) In POP Peeper, go to main menu: Tools / Voice notifier -> settings
4) Enable "Include additional voices" on the General page
5) Go to the "Notification" page and you should now see the voices available that you installed on step #2
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