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Welcome to the Email Forum

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This forum is for new information about the Email world, general trouble shooting of your email accounts, and to hear your opinions on various email services.

Did you know that Gmail has increased storage to 2GB and beyond? Yahoo has increased storage to 1GB? Did you know that you can get free POP3 and SMTP access on a free Yahoo international account?

Some of the most stable email services are the lesser known ones. PromptPost, Lionrampant, and Nerdshack have been very stable services with free POP3 and SMTP access. The first two has free IMAP access and good support. PrompPost is closed to new registration but wil reopen in the Fall. Lionrampant has limited signup from their forum. Nerdshack has re-opened registration after 9 months.

I will be writing reviews on both the larger services and lesser know services later on.
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