Goodbye MyWay and iWon

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Goodbye MyWay and iWon

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A few weeks ago, shut down their email service (the main website had been shutdown years ago). POP Peeper supported its email service, but I don't think this shutdown affected too many people.
In the last few days, MyWay has also shut down their email service. This likely affected a few more users.

I don't actually know if either service gave any advance warning. I run a daily process that allows POP Peeper to log into various webmail accounts and checks that at least one email is retrieved, but it doesn't save the messages and it's automated so I don't pay attention unless something goes wrong. MyWay required an update in January, 2017, but it was the first change in years.

It should be noted that Excite uses the same email platform and all three websites (excite, myway, iwon) have connections with MindSpark.

As far as POP Peeper is concerned: the iWon and MyWay services will be removed in the next webmail update (e.g. WebMail v4.4.11), but I don't plan on releasing an update just to disable these services. As of the current webmail plugin, if you still have either of those types of accounts, POP Peeper will still try to access them and you will get a meaningless error; you should disable or delete the accounts. When the webmail update occurs, POP Peeper will no longer try to access the accounts and you will get an immediate "unsupported" error.
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