POP Peeper v5 Beta Information

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POP Peeper v5 Beta Information

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NOTE: v5 is now released and the beta forum is closed. Until next time.

Welcome to the POP Peeper v5 beta forum. For any v5 related discussion during the beta phase, please post any bug reports, suggestions (if related to a new v5 feature) and other discussions in the forum or you can email support directly.

Access to the v5 beta requires that you have a POP Peeper Pro license. If you don't already have a Pro license, you can qualify for the beta by purchasing a Pro license now. If you purchase a Pro license on or after April 28, 2020, you will be guaranteed a free upgrade to POP Peeper Pro v5.0 when it officially releases.

Main features and information to expect in POP Peeper v5 - This includes general information about v5 even if you're not interested in beta testing.

So you want to be a beta tester - Read this if you're interested in beta testing (including the download links).

Use this forum or email for anything related to POP Peeper v5 (BETA) -- please do not post anything in the general "POP Peeper" forum so that it is easier to distinguish between v4 and v5. If you send email, please clarify if you're using v5.