No notification for some emails

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No notification for some emails

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Not exactly v5 related....

I looked around, but it appears that there is no feature to not give a notification for a particular account. I have one email account setup that honestly I don't want to get any notifications ever, if there's email there, great, I want to see it, and I want POP Peeper to continuously check for new mail, but if new mail arrives, I'd rather not get the notification window... Is there a way to include an option to not notify for that account, but to provide standard notifications on all others?

I'm a dummie for not asking sooner, been dealing with this for years, but it never really bothered me enough... but poking around today in the software looking for issues (none found yet!) I figured I'd ask...
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Re: No notification for some emails

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This can be done with AntiJunk; as much as I'd love to feature the new v5 Rule Wizard, the Rule Wizard focuses on message-specific filters and not account-specific, so....

1) Open AntiJunk: Main menu: Tools / AntiJunk -> Main interface

2) Select "Rules" on the left

3) Press "Add" in the toolbar

4) Give it a name, like "No notifications for you!"

5) In the dropdown (to the right of "Req"), select +Account

6) In the textbox (to the right of "is in list"), type the name of the account you want to ignore
(separate accounts by a comma if you want to ignore multiple accounts)

7) On the bottom-left, select "Perform actions"

8) Tick the checkbox for "Ignore"

9) Press OK

10) Send the account a test message and make sure it works