POP Peeper v5.0.1 (early release)

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POP Peeper v5.0.1 (early release)

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POP Peeper v5.0.1 is available for Pro users who opt into the "early release" channel. This is effectively a way to test fixes before it is released to everyone.

To enable this option:
1) On the main menu, select Tools / PPtweaker
2) Select the "troubleshooting" page
3) At the very bottom, enable "Opt into Early Release / Beta updates"
4) Press OK to save

Once enabled, you will get notifications of all future early release updates. To access this update immediately:
- Main menu: Help / About
- Press the "Check Version" button
- You'll need to select the "auto-update" method

Here are the changes in v5.0.1:

- The "POP Peeper is loading" window will no longer popup after 2 minutes; it will remain minimized
- Fix: Compose window: when using themes, certain actions (changing font, changing theme) would reset the font color to black, possibly making the existing text invisible
- Fix: Report spam: if the original account is set to send using the email client, but the settings for the reporting agency is set to use a different account (with SMTP), PP would still open the email client to send the report
- Fix: If you open a message with a certain encoding (e.g. utf-8), then navigate (e.g. next/next-unread) to another message with a different encoding (e.g. windows-1252), the original encoding (utf-8) may get applied to the message, causing relevant characters to display incorrectly
- Fix: POP Peeper would crash after 5 minutes if the data path is not writable (e.g. if data path is in Program Files)
- Fix: WinXP could not download the list of available languages
- Fix: Delete Esumsoft banner file after a successful activation
- Fix: Tweaks for certain features so that they're not affected when re-activation is necessary
- Fix: When importing from Mozilla-based clients (Thunderbird, etc.), SMTP authentication will assume "use incoming login" unless it's explicitly set to "none"
- Fix: If global polling interval was set to 0 (AutoCheck disabled) and computer went to sleep, it would prompt user asking to enable AutoCheck
- Fix: MOTD would get reset as unread after each start
- Option added to allow account colors to remain unchanged regardless of background color; Tools / PPtweaker / Interface: Change account colors so they're more visible against the current background color
- AntiJunk interface is 60 pixels wider; this allows more room for toolbar (when using larger fonts) and for the "name" column (width increase is intended as a stopgap for resizable window)
- Search box now shrinks based on available space
- Fix: Oauth2: Gmail using embedded browser method could display both a success and non-success prompt

- Installer: When the SSL download fails, it will now allow a retry (e.g. after allowing firewall permissions); also, the option to open the webpage to manually download the SSL plugin has been removed because POP Peeper also has the capability to install the SSL plugin
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