POP Peeper v5.0.2 (early release)

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POP Peeper v5.0.2 (early release)

Post by Jeff »

There are a couple more fixes to test out before general release.

POP Peeper v5.0.2 is available for Pro users who opt into the "early release" channel. This is effectively a way to test fixes before it is released to everyone.

To enable this option:
1) On the main menu, select Tools / PPtweaker
2) Select the "troubleshooting" page
3) At the very bottom, enable "Opt into Early Release / Beta updates"
4) Press OK to save

Once enabled, you will get notifications of all future early release updates. To access this update immediately:
- Main menu: Help / About
- Press the "Check Version" button
- You'll need to select the "auto-update" method

Here are the changes in v5.0.2:

- Fix: CRC would fail if datapath contained unicode/accented characters
- Fix: SQLite databases (message inboxes, AntiJunk, Search) wouldn't load if data path contained unicode/accented characters
- Fix: Potential crash at startup due to AntiJunk initialization
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