Yahoo/AOL login errors (Oauth2 is required)

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Yahoo/AOL login errors (Oauth2 is required)

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Yahoo and AOL accounts no longer support a normal password login. There are 2 alternatives you can use:
1) Oauth2
2) App passwords

This is a more-secure login that does not use any password -- you authorize POP Peeper to access your email using a web login. This will occasionally (ie. once every few months) require you to re-authorize POP Peeper. This is generally the service providers' recommended choice.

To use Oauth2 in POP Peeper (Yahoo; see below for AOL):
1) Edit the account in POP Peeper
2) Oauth2 is only supported for IMAP (not POP3) -- make sure that the "server type" is set to IMAP. If you need to change it, be aware that POP Peeper will need to re-download any of your existing messages and you may lose the status of those messages (e.g. reply-to, user-flags, and maybe the read/unread status)
3) Press the "Oauth2" button next to your login name. When the login window first appears make sure you press the "alternative (web browser)" button (do not try to sign in using the embedded browser -- this will not work for most people; to reflect this change, the default method has been changed in POP Peeper v5.1). Follow the instructions and grant POP Peeper permission to access your email.

For AOL:
POP Peeper v5.0 does not support OAuth2 for AOL; it has been added in v5.1. You may choose to update to v5.1 (see below) or use an app password

App password
An "app password" is simply a different password used to access your email which can not be used to access your main account. This protects your account in case your app password is compromised. To use an app password, you need to create it in your Yahoo/AOL account and then update your password in POP Peeper with the password provided by your account.

POP Peeper v5.1

There is a test version available for v5.1. This version adds OAuth2 support for AOL and it makes the "web browser" method the default for both Yahoo and AOL.

If you have a license for POP Peeper (e.g. Pro, Plus Pack or a webmail subscription), you can access beta/test versions via the auto-update method. To enable this:
1) From POP Peeper's main menu, select Tools / PPtweaker
2) Select the "Troubleshooting" page (left, bottom)
3) Enable "opt into early release / beta updates" at the bottom
4) Press OK
5) To force POP Peeper to check for the update immediately, go to Help / About and press the "check version" button

Alternatively, or if you don't have a premium license, you can download the test version here: ... 504t04.exe

Once you have POP Peeper v5.1, follow the instructions above for Oauth2; note that it will not be necessary to press the "alternative (web browser)" button as this method is the default.
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