POP Peeper v5.4 (early release)

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POP Peeper v5.4 (early release)

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POP Peeper v5.4 is available for users who opt into the early release / beta channel (for PRO users only: main menu: Tools / Pptweaker / troubleshooting; Opt into early release / beta updates).

This release was originally going to be a maintenance release (v5.3.1), but the addition of Oauth2 for POP3 has bumped this to a minor version (v5.4). Here is a list of changes for v5.4, and since v5.3 was only available to the beta channel (and not otherwise formally introduced), that list will also be included here:

v5.4 - Jun 12, 2022
- Oauth2 is now supported for POP3 (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL)
- If the full message has been retrieved, POP Peeper will not show the "attachment may be corrupt" message if the message is malformed (case: particular webcam/software does not close MIME headers)
- Fix: AntiJunk: For DNSBL, may return false positive and is now skipped
- Fix: AntiJunk: For DNSBL, error detection updated for spamhaus and spamcop results
- Fix: When changing the storage path, the "PluginData" folder was not moved
- Fix: The "Conversion" button on the Storage options page has been removed; using this option could cause data corruption
- Fix: AntiJunk: When list (e.g. white/black list) uses custom order, toggling the checkbox may affect the wrong item
- Location of ini file added to error report
- Minor optimization when processing large uidl list of messages for POP3 protocol
- Windows 11 is now detected for Windows Version (error log)
- Fix: The "delete mail immediately" option will now also affect messages marked by AntiJunk
- Fix: when changing specific aol/aim settings (e.g. switching between imap/pop server type), it defaulted to STARTTLS instead of SSL/TLS, which isn't supported by the server
- Fix: If you change the folder for an account that is currently idling, it will now disconnect so that it can login with the new folder
- Fix: When dragging messages or account, the action will cancel if the main window loses focus (otherwise, the drag-image would get stuck)
- Fix: spaces are removed from base64 before processing
- Fix: Messages that show "[Message deleted / not available]" should now self-correct (it may be displayed briefly, but then removed); this condition became more prevalent with AntiJunk delete immediately

v5.3 - Apr 07, 2022
- "Prior unread" has been added as an available view-message toolbar button and an option for delete action; note: "prior" is used instead of "previous" for width considerations
- Fix: "Confirm" button in edit-account shouldn't be available when using Oauth2
- Fix: In certain conditions, POP Peeper might crash after 5 minutes if the data path is not writable (e.g. if data path is in Program Files); related to fix in v5.0.1, but different conditions are necessary
- Fix: Certain types of links in HTML email were not opening in a separate browser/window (source: Micrsoft Visual Studio Community and Microsoft Q&A)
- Fix: After using server configuration on edit-account ("..."), it wasn't checking to see if oauth2 was available (e.g. configuring Verizon account from POP3 to IMAP)
- Fix: Some IMAP servers (e.g. Yahoo) may fail when uploading messages that don't end with a newline
- Fix: Continued problems with the change that affected DPI and resolution; case found with Win7/basic-theme/French/unlicensed
- Fix: When editing an imap account with Oauth2 and switched the "server type" (from IMAP), the password field would remain protected; further: if switched back to IMAP, the password field would remain protected (oauth2) but the dropdown would show "password"
- Fix: For Gmail Oauth2, if the default "port listener" method fails (e.g. Older OS's [Win7] without admin), then it will automatically fall back to the "web browser (code)" method
- Fix: Precedence for determining account to use for composing new message didn't work for the selected message of the inbox page (though it did work if currently viewing 'search' results)
- Configuration file added for @verizon.net accounts; this provides preconfigured option for IMAP (imap.aol.com)
- Configuration files for AT&T email address domains (@att.net, @sbcglobal.net, etc.) have been updated to use Yahoo IMAP/SMTP servers so that they will use Oauth2 (at&t have announced this will be required soon)

Plus Pack v5.3
- RSS: Fix for certain feeds that don't provide a valid item's title
- SMV: Ctrl+1/2/3 sets focus to Message/Account/Folder list
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