Gmail - Mandatory 2-step verification

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Gmail - Mandatory 2-step verification

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I am using Poppeeper with a couple of Gmail accounts (both free, and on custom domain) using IMAP
Google just sent a notice they will soon require 2-step verification (a code through sms or to android phone)

Anyone know if login through Poppeeper will still work, by Oauth2(?), or what to do?

From Google:

Soon you’ll sign in with 2-Step Verification

After you enter your password, you’ll complete a second step on your phone. Keep your phone nearby when you sign in.

Soon after 29 October, 2-Step Verification will be turned on automatically. You can turn it on now if you want – your account is ready.
Turn on now
Why is my sign-in changing?
Using a second step to sign in makes your account much more secure.
Learn how this protects your account

How does it work?
After you enter your password, you’ll tap a Google prompt on your phone or get a sign-in code to enter (charges from your operator may apply).

Make sure that you can get help signing in
Update your phone and recovery email
You received this email to let you know about important changes to your Google Account and services.
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Re: Gmail - Mandatory 2-step verification

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POP Peeper will continue to work with Gmail (you can use "Oauth2" or use an "AppPassword").

Please refer to this announcement posted by Jeff for more details: Gmail password login (requires Oauth2).
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