Patch for Imap/Fastmail;

September 17, 2010

A patch is now available for the Imap/ issue.  This patch will allow accounts to work without having to enable TLS:

  1. Download Imap v3.7.0.1
  2. Exit POP Peeper
  3. Extract the downloaded imap.dll and overwrite the existing file in your POP Peeper installation folder (usually, C:\Program Files\POP Peeper\)
  4. Restart POP Peeper
  5. From the main menu, select Help / About and confirm that the “Current” version for IMAP is has reportedly announced that it will be ending its free Imap/POP3 “preview” and you will soon have to pay for this service.  I have yet to receive this announcement at my account, but it doesn’t surprise me as they have recently started advertising a premium service which includes POP3/IMAP access.


POP Peeper v3.7 bug (

September 15, 2010

No release is ever perfect and the first bug that v3.7 introduced has reared its head.

Symptoms: accounts using Imap report “Login Error” after the first login

Workaround: Enable TLS instead of SSL or No-SSL

Reason: In v3.7, I “improved” the way that PP processes capabilities for Imap.  When a server implements one of these capabilities (LOGINDISABLED), it means that the client (POP Peeper) is not allowed to login with plain text methods.  Ok, Fine.  But here’s what happens: PP connects to the fastmail server and the server announces its capabilities (LoginDisabled is NOT one of them).  PP logs into the account with your username/password and some new capabilities are presented, LoginDisabled IS one of them.  So now PP thinks that the server supports LoginDisabled and uses that the next time it has to login and therefore prevents you from logging in since you’re not using TLS.  Try to be efficient and look where it gets you.  Oops.  The fix will clear the cache of capabilities when PP connects to the server, so it will not assume that LoginDisabled is active on subsequent logins.

This bug is not specific to any particular Imap server, but I have tested several others (including GMail, AOL/Imap/, and Lycos) and none of them exhibit the problem.  Since there’s a workaround, I will wait a few days to see if any other issues crop up before releasing an update.

Update: A patch is now available that fixes this issue.


POP Peeper v3.7

September 14, 2010

POP Peeper v3.7 has finally been released.  It took longer than it should have but things kept interrupting it.  I expect this to be the final version in the v3 product line.

v4.0 has been in progress for some time and I will now be able to focus on its continued development.  I have also been working on updates to the Premium Add-on Pack and a new notification plugin for the Windows Gadgets sidebar.  I will blog more about these updates in the coming weeks.


Webmail v3.6.0.8 (Hotmail)

September 7, 2010
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In a few minutes, I’ll be posting webmail v3.6.0.8, which affects Hotmail.  This particular update will actually remove something that I added in a previous webmail update, specifically, the ability to retrieve the raw source of the email.  Retrieving the raw source allowed a more accurate rendering of the email and it also allowed inline images to be displayed, which is something that Hotmail prevented POP Peeper from displaying in their most recent changes.  However, there were 2 side-effects of this: (1) it prevented the message being marked as read on the server and (2) it caused a timeout issue (or worse, 100% cpu usage) for some accounts.

Issue #2 is the reason I had to remove this capability.  Although it doesn’t seem to affect a lot of accounts (I have 9 hotmail accounts and none of them are affected), when it does affect an account, it is very, very bad.  I have my suspicion that Hotmail is aware of the problem (for affected accounts, you can see the problem in your webbrowser by attempting to view the message source and seeing if it tries to continue loading it and eventually timing out) and hopefully, someday, they’ll fix it for all accounts.

But it really annoyed me that I had to remove this very useful feature (especially the ability to view inline images), so I decided to keep the option around, although disabled by default.  And only people reading this blog will know the secret to uncovering its mysteries! (too dramatic?  hmm….)

Here’s how:

Edit the account and append \!Entire\ to the Login Name, e.g.\!Entire\

This is a per-account setting, which means that you will need to do this for each Hotmail account that you want to enable it for.  It won’t take effect until PP tries to log into the account again (ie. you may have to right-click on the account and select “Clear Cookies”; if you don’t see that option, exit/restart PP).



September 7, 2010

I never thought I’d be a blogger but here goes…

Every once in a while, I have this urge to announce to the world what I’m currently working on to get instant feedback about it.  It’s much easier to implement suggestions while actively working on a particular feature than get suggestions/criticisms after it’s already been relased.  So, PLEASE, leave comments!  I want to hear from you!

I won’t blog everyday and I’ll try (unsuccessfully) to keep them short, but you can expect me to go off on tangents every once in a while.  

And Eureka! you can use the POP Peeper Add-on Pack’s RSS reader to keep up-to-date on this here blog   😀