Yahoo Mail beta

November 22, 2010

Some people have found that their Yahoo beta accounts no longer work with webmail v3.7.0.3; mine is one of them.  What POP Peeper does is tell Yahoo to use the classic interface “just this once” to allow it to login.  I’m not sure why, but this may eventually stop working on some accounts.  Perhaps Yahoo thinks if you use “just this once” too many times, that you’re better off just switching back.  Another theory I have is that switching back to the classic/new interface and then back to beta caused this problem.  While that theory seemed to be the case for my own account, it isn’t supported by others.

In related news, there is a report that Yahoo will be phasing out the classic interface in 2011.  I’m a little skeptical of the validity of this report and I won’t link to it here (google search).  Despite my skepticism, supporting the Yahoo beta interface natively is probably the best option.  So guess what I’ll be doing this week…


POP Peeper: RediffMail and Yahoo updates

November 16, 2010

Webmail v3.7.0.2 was just released which fixes RediffMail.  RediffMail really wants you to use their new interface.  It’s been available for quite a while but as of the last day or so, they no longer allow you to keep the Classic interface.  Oh, sure, they’ll let you switch to the classic interface, but once you sign back in, you’ll be presented with a page stating why the new interface is so great and then you’ll be taken back to the new interface.  Unfortunately, PP didn’t detect the new interface very well and would keep loading pages and pages of the inbox (unless you only retrieve the first page); bad, very bad.  Once I realized this was happening, I stopped everything I was doing and worked on the fix.

Webmail v3.7.0.3 hasn’t been released as of this writing, but it will add support for the new Yahoo Beta interface.  It’s mostly done, I just needed a quick break and then it’s back to the grindstone.  It should be released later today.


POP Peeper Add-on Pack

November 11, 2010

The next update to the POP Peeper Premium Add-on Pack will be available for beta testing soon (beta testing will be open to licensed users).  This will primarily enhance existing features.  Here are some of the changes you can expect:

RSS: Improved formatting; full article display with HTML formatting (for feeds that support it); support for Atom feeds

Voice Notifier: General fixes; volume adjustment; possibly new features to allow the plugin to be used for reading your email (automatically or on-demand).  This last feature will require changes to the main POP Peeper program as well, so the availability of this feature depends on the next release of PP.

Sent Mail Viewer: Faster load time (especially with 1000s of messages); slight changes to the User Interface.  The changes to the UI are a result of some changes I’ve already made in anticipation of certain PP v4.0 changes (specifically, the ‘Sent’ Mail Viewer will be used to read more than just sent messages, including deleted and archived messages).  Instead of selecting accounts from a dropdown list, the accounts will be listed in a new pane on the left of the message list.

Backup/Restore: No changes.  It does what it does.