POP Peeper: The future of Lycos support

February 16, 2011
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As of right now, I don’t know if I will continue to support Lycos. Here are the outstanding reasons why:
1) They don’t provide free email addresses anymore; this severely limits the number of people for whom PP support would benefit. If I didn’t already support Lycos, I wouldn’t even consider supporting it due to this reason.
2) They have changed their interface 2 times recently. While this is not a major deal breaker (I’ve gotten used to it with Hotmail and Yahoo in years past), it’s certainly a contributing factor. But, to me, it smells of desperation. They were using Zimbra which is a well-organized and popular email platform. I had never heard of anyone complaining about the Lycos-Zimbra interface; well, no more than when any interface changes, and if you remember the MyWay->BlueTie debacle, and they’re STILL using BlueTie… well, it just makes me suspicious of Lycos’ reason. I suspect that the royalties they pay to Zimbra outweigh the money they’re making from premium subscriptions.

#2 is only speculation and is not enough on its own to justify terminating Lycos support. #1, on the other hand, is very relevant. It takes a lot of time to add support for a brand new interface and how many people are still using Lycos free accounts? A handful or two at most, I suspect. The time spent supporting something that benefits a very limited number of users could be better spent supporting features that benefit the masses.

This is not a final decision, nor an easy one to make; I don’t like the idea of ending support for an existing service. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.


POP Peeper v3.8 RC4

February 14, 2011

RC4 has been released. Please see the previous blog for download information, etc.

RC3 had a problem with the key not opening messages in most cases. I’m using a different method (one that will be used more extensively in future versions) for message list keyboard shortcuts and this caused a conflict for this particular command.


POP Peeper v3.8 RC3

February 11, 2011

The download link is available in this forum announcement.
Click here for v3.8 changes

An “RC” is a Release Candidate, it means that there are no known bugs and there likely won’t be any new features added. So what happened to RC1 and RC2? After building an RC, I give myself and testers 24 or so hours to make sure everything is good. Neither passed the 24-hour test, mostly because I realized certain things weren’t complete.

Archive: This new feature allows you to save the selected message(s) in the standard .eml format. Eventually, Sent Mail Viewer will be updated to display these messages; for now, you can simply archive them and view them with your favorite email client (which, obviously, is POP Peeper and you can make it the default .eml viewer). The archive command is located in several places: select a message (or multiple) in the message list and right-click to access archive; add the archive button to the main toolbar; when viewing a message, select Message / Archive or add it to the Message toolbar. If you want to access the folder that contains your archived messages, from the main menu, select Messages / Explore Archive folder.

Folder support: This has been a popular request that I put on temporary hold until recently. This feature requires an updated Add-on Pack installation which isn’t quite ready, so you won’t be able to use this feature yet. However, it’s addition did spur another popular request — the ability to copy an account. Right-click on an account and select “duplicate.”

Read Message (speech): This feature will allow the Add-on Pack’s voice notifier to read your message out loud (or just the header). The required update for the Add-on Pack isn’t available yet.