Win9x support

April 18, 2011

First, a definition: win9x refers to Win95, Win98 and WinME.

As of v4.0, POP Peeper will no longer be able to support these Operating Systems. This is not a conspiracy on my part, if I could continue to support win9x, I probably would; but I can’t say it’s not a relief to be able to let them go. The problem is that the the compiler I use (Microsoft’s Visual Studio) no longer creates executable files that run on win9x. PP v3.8 will be the final (knock on wood) release built using a compiler that supports win9x. Once PP v4 is released, this also means that webmail updates will cease for v3 users.

According to the webstats on, about 1% of the people are still clinging to win9x. If one of you 1% are reading this blog and still want the latest of version of POP Peeper, let me know! It would still be possible to build a separate win9x compatible version, I just need to know if the inconvience would make it worthwhile.