POP Peeper v3.8 released

August 30, 2011

POP Peeper v3.8 has finally been released. And on its unofficial 2nd day of release, there has been a somewhat significant issue discovered. The good news is that if you know about it, there’s an easy workaround.
The problem is that Imap accounts may not use IDLE and it’s based on the value of the global polling interval (Tools / Options / Mail Check). If the polling interval is ODD, no problem; EVEN, oops. Fortunately, the default value is ODD (15), so many people may not be affected. If you’re wondering why the odd/even relevance — it’s due to the fact that 1&(even number) is false; “false” in this case means that AutoCheck is disabled and therefore IDLE should not be engaged. My forehead has been sufficiently self-slapped.
There are a couple other issues as well, so I’m contemplating a quick v3.8.1 release.


CNET download.com installer

August 26, 2011

Recently, most — if not all — programs you download from download.com use a proprietary installer. This was NOT a choice given to the software developers. And, it should be no suprise, their installer wants you to install a toolbar (installed by default, you can disable it during the installation process). I am NOT a fan of “bundled software” and I certainly don’t appreciate it being imposed on people downloading my software.

Users CAN avoid the download.com installer — below the download button is a direct download link, but you must be logged in to use it. My advice: use the direct download link if you already have an account; otherwise, find another download site.

I have requested that download.com remove their installer from my software; I am awaiting their response.

Update: Within a few hours of emailing download.com, they have removed their installer from my products.