PP v4.0 Sneak Peek #5: Spell-checker

August 29, 2012

One of the most requested features for POP Peeper is a spell checker for composing new email.

POP Peeper’s spell checker has the following features:

  • Real-time spell checking
  • Spell check the entire document
  • Personal dictionary so that you can add words that are not in the default dictionary
  • Optional sound when you misspell a word
  • Multiple and simultaneous languages (not all languages will be supported)
  • Misspelled words can be corrected inline by right-clicking on the word

The spell checker will be a feature of the “Pro” version of POP Peeper.

Here’s a video of the spell checker in action:


PP v4.0 Sneak Peek #4: New Message List Columns

August 7, 2012

POP Peeper v4.0 will have several new columns available to the message list; this article will introduce two of them:

  • Customizable user flags
  • Message status

Customizable user flags

These flags are associated with a specific message and is intended to distinguish messages that may require your attention.  For example, the flag could indicate that you need to reply to the message, or that you need to review the message at a later time, or that the message should be deleted (flags will not actually perform the action).

What makes these flags “customizable” is the capability to add your own flags by supplying a graphic and the text that you want the flag to represent.


Message status

If you’ve ever wondered, “did I reply to that message?” then this feature is for you.  Each message can have one of these status icons:

  • New (now you can tell the difference between “New” and “Unread” messages)
  • Unread
  • Replied-to
  • Forwarded-to
  • Read
  • Another status that will be described in a future article

This screenshot illustrates both of these features.  The 2nd column in the message list (the envelope in the header) is the message status.  From top to bottom, the icons represent new, unread, replied-to, forwarded-to and read.  The 3rd column (represented by the person) is the user flag.  I have right-clicked on the “glasses” icon (Watch) which opens a context menu that allows me to select from the available icons.  A toolbar button is also available to change the user flag.