POP Peeper v4 beta 9

December 20, 2013

Beta 9 is now available. This update contains over 100 changes since beta8, mostly bug fixes and tweaks to existing features. There is also an update for the add-on pack.

Some of the notable features in this release (since beta 8) include:

  • HTML messages can now be zoomed
  • Colored envelopes on tray icon are slightly larger

If you have not yet installed the beta, please read the following entry first:

Download links:
Download POP Peeper v4 (exe)
Download Premium Add-on Pack (exe) (requires purchase/license *)
Download Premium Add-on Pack (zip) (requires purchase/license *)
* – note that if you’ve previously purchased the add-on pack, your license is still valid and you do not need to purchase it again.

Click to see the full list of changes in beta 9