February 7, 2014

GMail has been making changes in the past 7-10 days that prevent POP Peeper from accessing the account and may result in a “suspicious sign in” report. Several updates to the Webmail plugin have been made available to fix the issue, but each has only lasted 1-3 days before another change from GMail causes the problem again.

You may not see the problem, or it may appear sporadically. GMail records your IP address and if you login successfully with your browser, then POP Peeper will be able to login successfully as well. POP Peeper will continue to work until your IP address changes, and then you can repeat the process of logging in with your webbrowser to allow POP Peeper access again.

It is recommended that you switch your GMail accounts to use IMAP using the settings in this FAQ: GMail IMAP.