POP Peeper v4 beta 10

June 16, 2014

Beta 10 is now available. There is also an update for the add-on (plus) pack. And be sure to check out the new website:

Some of the notable features in this release (since beta 9) include:

  • The “POP Peeper Premium Add-on Pack” is now renamed to the “POP Peeper Plus Pack”
  • Authenticode
  • Help / About performs a CRC check on the files
  • You can define an action for single-click on tray icon: PPtweaker / Misc
  • Option to view Account messages using single-click (select): PPtweaker / Misc
  • http retrievals support compression

If you have not yet installed the beta, please read the following entry first:

Download links:
Download POP Peeper v4 (exe)
Download Plus (Premium Add-on) Pack (exe) (requires purchase/license *)
Download Plus (Premium Add-on) Pack (zip) (requires purchase/license *)
* – note that if you’ve previously purchased the Plus (Add-on) Pack, your license is still valid and you do not need to purchase it again.

Click to see the full list of changes in beta 10



June 13, 2014

POP Peeper v4 beta10 will be available soon. It is expected to be the final beta release and if all goes well, it will have a very short lifespan before the official release. Here are some other important changes coming.

Esumsoft — Esumsoft is the new company name that will replace “Mortal Universe”

esumsoft.com — You can’t have a new company name without a corresponding domain name. esumsoft.com will be the new domain name and home for POP Peeper, Aeris Calendar, et al. The new website is live although some pages aren’t completed. You are welcome to visit it and let me know what you think. Be sure to check out the new video introducing the new AntiJunk system.

POP Peeper Add-on Pack — The POP Peeper (Premium) Add-on Pack is getting a new name — POP Peeper Plus Pack. This is simply a name change; if you purchased the Add-on Pack, your forever license still applies to the Plus Pack.

Authenticode is more exciting to me than it is to you.

Authenticode is more exciting to me than it is to you.

Authenticode — You know when you install POP Peeper and you get that prompt asking for Administrator privileges and you ignore the warning about an “unknown publisher”? Well, no more! The installer and all .exe and .dll files will be signed with Authenticode. Also, with this technology, a CRC check of all the critical files can be verified under the Help/About page.