Web installer for plugins

July 24, 2014

Introducing the new web-installer which allows you to use a traditional install wizard to automatically install any or all of the available Plugins. The files are installed from the website so you’ll always get the latest version available.

This installer is currently compatible with POP Peeper v3 and v4 but the installer will not attempt to determine if an older version of POP Peeper is compatible with the plugin, so you should always keep POP Peeper up to date.

Use the following link to launch the Web Installer for Plugins:
Run Web Installer for Plugins

When prompted, run the file instead of saving it. Some browsers may require you to save the file and then open it.

Let me know if you have any problems with it. This will soon replace the current exe installers that are available for some of the plugins, but the zip files will likely remain since some people prefer that format.


POP Peeper v4 beta 13 and other changes

July 22, 2014

Update: The final release of POP Peeper v4.0 is now available and the beta is no longer available.

Beta 13 is now available; the change list is at the bottom of this post. Despite any unfounded rumors you may have heard before, this should be the final beta.

NOTE: As of beta 13, you may get a FAIL for SSL under Help / About. This is because the older builds of the SSL plugin did not have code-signing.
You can download SSL v1.0.1.8 with code-signing here:
SSL Plugin

There have been several changes on the website:
– mortaluniverse.com is now completely gone. The blog, product request and mortaluniverse.com landing page all now redirect to esumsoft.com.
– The blog’s theme/style matches the rest of the website.
– The website is now mostly functional. The download, buy, and product request pages are all working. The last major feature to transplant is the forum.

Check back for more announcements coming soon…

Changes in Beta 13, since beta 10:


Symantec/Norton False Positive

July 3, 2014

Norton Antivirus is reporting a virus in the latest POP Peeper v4 beta (since beta 10). This is a false report (false positive). The file was submitted to Norton on June 26 and they responded that the file has been verified and would be corrected in the next update; however, it is still being reported.

The specific file triggering the report is ‘PPhelper.exe’ which is a file whose primary function is to allow you to set POP Peeper as your default email client. The same file existed in beta 9 (which is not reported as a virus) and the only difference between beta 9 and beta 10 is that the latter has included Code Signing. The purpose of code signing is to improve trust and Norton’s own website suggests that files should be signed to prevent false positives.

Until Norton fixes the issue (which they tell me may take 2-3 weeks), please be confident that this is NOT a virus. I have submitted the beta 11 installation file to VirusTotal.com, which checks against 54 different Antivirus utilities and Symantec is the only one that reports a virus:
VirusTotal.com report