August 20, 2014

The POP Peeper v4.0 release is nearing and I have several announcements.

If you haven’t already heard, there is a new company website that will be used for POP Peeper called Esumsoft. There is already a lot of information about v4.0 on this website including a youtube video demonstrating the new AntiJunk features. Check out Esumsoft at:

Social Media:
There are now even more ways to keep up-to-date with POP Peeper — Esumsoft is on Facebook and Twitter. I will be posting more announcements on those two sites soon, including some exclusive offers, so be sure to follow us and don’t miss out!

Web of Trust:
POP Peeper has partnered with Web of Trust in v4.0. Web of Trust is a community-driven “trust” service that evaluates the trustworthiness of websites. had a very high rating and confidence thanks to all the POP Peeper users, but because is still new, it doesn’t have the same reputation. If you already have WOT installed in your browser, or if you want to download and try it out, I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to rate
You can download the Web of Trust toolbar here:
You can then use the toolbar to rate or use the following webpage: