POP Peeper v4 transition

April 13, 2015

In the coming days, POP Peeper v3 will be letting everyone know that v4 is available.  Since v4 has been available for several months, I don’t expect there to be any issues but I wanted to provide the following information.

Going forward, v3 will no longer be supported.  This does not mean that you *have* to upgrade.  What this does mean is that WebMail updates will no longer be released for v3 and you will likely be asked to upgrade first if you have any tech support issues.  Also, please note that if you have installed the Add-on Pack v3 and you update to v4, you will need to update to the Plus Pack v4 by filling out the Product Request form; this is a free upgrade from the Add-on Pack.

You will not lose any features that you had in v3, even if you choose not to purchase POP Peeper Pro.

While the POP Peeper v4 User Interface has not changed significantly from v3, there are some new features that may seem overwhelming to you.  I have created a guide to help you adjust to some of these changes, with instructions on how to disable the changes and return to a more familiar interface:

Transitioning to POP Peeper v4.

As previously mentioned, v4 adds a new premium component called “Pro” which adds several new features including AntiJunk, Spell Checker and Web of Trust (and more to come).  There are some ongoing promotions for new customers and for those that previously purchased the Add-on/Plus Pack.  Please see this blog post for more information.

Download POP Peeper v4