WebMail v4.0.19: Outlook Mail interface

September 14, 2015

An update to address the new ‘Outlook Mail’ interface has been released (you can wait for POP Peeper to update, or click that link for other options).  This was a very complicated update and, as such, it took much longer than normal and not everything is supported.

Note that the Outlook Mail interface only affects you if you’re using POP Peeper’s WebMail access and not IMAP or POP3.

What’s missing: support for listing/opening attachments; compose messages; access to other folders besides the inbox.

What’s supported: View full message list; view messages; delete.  Also, it works whether you “view as conversations” or “view as messages”; I point this out because these 2 modes were completely different; further, “view as messages” (as usual) is recommended.

At this point, I’m not sure if the “missing” features will be added.  Most people will be able to use IMAP to access their Hotmail accounts, for which all 3 missing features are supported.  New Hotmail accounts created in POP Peeper will default to IMAP and existing accounts can be easily switched by editing the account and changing the “server type” to IMAP.  As far as WebMail support, the missing features will be considered based upon requests.


Outlook.com/Hotmail new interface

September 9, 2015

Outlook.com/Hotmail is rolling in a new interface.  If your account has been transitioned and you’re using POP Peeper’s WebMail access, this will generally result in a -11 error.  If you log into the account, it should be fairly obvious that there’s a new interface; the most obvious being the “Outlook Mail (Preview)” banner on the top-left.

This has proved to be a very challenging effort, but I am making progress and I hope to have Hotmail working again in the next couple of days, although there may be some features not supported.

In the meantime, this would be a good opportunity to switch to IMAP.  IMAP will not be affected by these interface changes and all you need to do is edit the account and switch the “server type” to IMAP.  Unfortunately, Hotmail’s IMAP server is not the most reliable and you will get the occasional error; in a typical day, using a 10-15 minute polling interval, you can expect to get 3-7 intermittent errors.


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