POP Peeper v4.2 released

June 21, 2016

POP Peeper v4.2 is now available:
Download POP Peeper v4.2

If you have the Plus Pack, use the Product Request form to download a single installation that contains POP Peeper with the Plus Pack:
Product Request form

As previously announced, the most significant changes are:

  • OAuth2 support for GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook (more info)
  • DPI awareness to fix blurry text when using high DPI in Windows 8.1/10 (more info)

For the full list of changes:
POP Peeper Version History

To enable OAuth2 for your existing accounts, see this FAQ:



POP Peeper v4.2: OAuth2 for Yahoo and Outlook

June 15, 2016

Last week, one of my Yahoo accounts which I semi-regularly check via IMAP started returning a login error.  After some investigation, I discovered that the account had disabled Allow apps that use less secure sign in, but not all my accounts have been affected.  So, after getting the appropriate access from the Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Developer Network teams (thanks guys!), I was quickly able to include OAuth2 support for Yahoo IMAP/SMTP.  And I threw Outlook support in, too, as they may decide to disable “less secure apps” in the future; however, it should be noted that, at this time, I could not find an option to disable/enable “less secure apps” in my Outlook accounts.

POP Peeper v4.2 beta 3 is now available, which includes the updated OAuth2 support for Yahoo and Outlook: