POP Peeper v4.4 preview

February 8, 2017

There are a couple of notable changes coming in POP Peeper v4.4:

  1. An improved method for creating new accounts
  2. Memory and load-time optimizations

New account creation:
In POP Peeper v4.4, POP Peeper will lookup the server information for your domain (based on your email address) from various sources, including an online database.  As long as the domain is listed, you won’t have to worry about entering the specific details (server address, port, SSL, and even whether your login name is ‘jsmith@example.com’ or just ‘jsmith’).  If you have your own personal domain, then you can create a simple xml file containing the information and store it either locally or on your website.  The create-account wizard has also been streamlined so that there are fewer pages to go through for this automated process.

Memory and load-time optimizations
Since the beginning, POP Peeper has stored message data in memory.  This was acceptable 15 years ago when 2-5 MBs (yes, MegaBytes) was the typical storage you were allowed for email.  But times have changed and so many people end up keeping gigabytes of messages in their inbox folder.  Besides a waste of memory, this would often lead to program crashes if more than 1GB of memory was required.

As of POP Peeper v4.4, the message data will be kept in the database until it’s needed (ie. you open the message).  This will significantly improve the amount of memory that POP Peeper uses.   Also, because POP Peeper v4.4 doesn’t need to load the entire message at load-time, the database has been optimized to improve how quickly it can start by using significantly fewer resources (cpu time and disk access).

If you’re interested in testing v4.4 before its official release, please contact me as I would like to collect before and after results.  A public beta will be available at a later date.