Preview: Aeris Calendar v3.0

June 20, 2017

Aeris Calendar will soon be getting a major update.  The most notable feature is support for the iCalendar format, which means that you’ll be able to view your online calendars from Google, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of Aeris Calendar v3.0:

Click on the thumbnail for full-screen.  For comparison, here’s a screenshot from Aeris Calendar v2.0:
Aeris Calendar v2.0 comparison

Check below for the differences in these two screenshots.


This next screenshot shows a new feature of the desklet:

The “todo” list from Aeris v2 has been replaced with a 3-day forecast.  The “todo” list is still available if you prefer that.




See if you can find the significance of this screenshot:
Hint: it’s weather-related.

There’s a new “current weather theme” available that will update the background image to match the current weather.

Also depicted in this screenshot: the clock face can be changed and several templates are included by default or you can easily add your own.


Here’s one more screenshot from the new “Schedule” page:

This shows that calendars can be used for more than just holidays, birthdays and your personal schedule; you can also access the schedules of your favorite sports teams, for example.



Here’s a run-down of the most notable features in v3.0:

  • Support for online calendars (iCalendar file format and webcal protocol)
  • New “Blue sky” theme has higher resolution (screenshot #1)
  • New analog clock with adjustable clock face (screenshot #1)
  • New “Schedule” page (screenshot #1,4) which shows events and agenda in a new format
  • Text on Calendar has a shade box for improved legibility (screenshot #1)
  • New icons: weather (screenshot #1)
  • New icons: moon phases (screenshot #1)
  • New icons: navigation (screenshot #1)
  • Desklet displays 3-day forecast (screenshot #2)
  • Current Weather theme (screenshot #3)
  • Weather has an ‘overview’ page, showing current, 3-day and hourly forecast
  • Reminders have the option to use synthesized voice
  • Calendar can start on Monday (or any day of the week)
  • Several new high-resolution background images are included
  • Notes can be searched