POP Peeper v5 more details

December 12, 2017

Yesterday, I posted a screenshot that showed 2 features:






The “obvious” one is the capability to search your inboxes.  This will be an indexed search on the local messages which means that it will return results very quickly.  This is one of the biggest features that will be added in v5 so you can expect more information about this before the release.

The other feature is hidden in the Accounts List, on the left.  If you had the same accounts in POP Peeper v4, the order would be: Local01, Local02, etc.  v5 adds the ability to re-order the accounts simply via drag & drop.  No more having to rename your accounts to get the order you want!

More features will be announced after the new year.  Are you happy to see these features?  Let me know what you’d most like to see added to POP Peeper.


POP Peeper v5 Sneak Peep

December 11, 2017

Now that POP Peeper v4.5 is out, v5.0 is on the horizon.  I’m usually tight-lipped about what features will make it into the next version until the features have a “better-than-not” chance of actually making it in (some features may be more complicated than anticipated and it’s better to delay them for another version rather than delay the release), but with v5 well under way, I’ll start releasing some information about what you can expect.

In this first preview, two of the most requested features are shown — can you spot them?  One should be very obvious, the other is more subtle.  I’ll provide more details tomorrow.

Click the thumbnail for full-screen image.