POP Peeper’s 18th birthday

August 23, 2019

Today is POP Peeper’s 18th anniversary and for a limited time, everything in the Esumsoft store is 18% off!

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POP Peeper and Website news

September 28, 2017

POP Peeper v4.5 will be released soon.  While this is mostly a maintenance release, there are a couple of new features, one of which may be interesting for security-minded folks, especially if you run POP Peeper on a portable device.  The new option will allow you to create your own encryption key for the ini file (the file that stores all your accounts, including login/passwords).  POP Peeper does encrypt sensitive data in this file, but adding your own key is much more secure.  The downside to this feature is that you will need to enter the key every time POP Peeper starts; and, if you forget the key, there will be no way to recover the data.  This is because, for obvious security reasons, POP Peeper will not store the key.  In v4.5, this feature must be enabled via the command-line (there is no GUI to enable/disable encryption); help will be provided in the documentation.

There is currently a Beta / Release Candidate version available for v4.5 which includes this feature.  If you find this feature useful, please let me know.  If there are enough people who use this feature, it will be further enhanced in the future — including GUI access to enable/disable encryption.

Download POP Peeper v4.5 beta/RC


And speaking of security-related news — the esumsoft.com website now supports HTTPS (http secure) by default.  It should be noted that the esumsoft.com website does not accept any payment transactions itself, but there can still be exploits gained by sniffing unencrypted communications.  There were some hiccups along the way — POP Peeper’s Activation failed and files downloaded through the installers also failed — but these have been addressed and there shouldn’t be any more issues.


POP Peeper’s 16th birthday

August 23, 2017

Old enough to drive on its own now!

And to celebrate — everything in the Esumsoft store is 16% off!


Visit the Esumsoft store for 16% off







June 13, 2014

POP Peeper v4 beta10 will be available soon. It is expected to be the final beta release and if all goes well, it will have a very short lifespan before the official release. Here are some other important changes coming.

Esumsoft — Esumsoft is the new company name that will replace “Mortal Universe”

esumsoft.com — You can’t have a new company name without a corresponding domain name. esumsoft.com will be the new domain name and home for POP Peeper, Aeris Calendar, et al. The new website is live although some pages aren’t completed. You are welcome to visit it and let me know what you think. Be sure to check out the new video introducing the new AntiJunk system.

POP Peeper Add-on Pack — The POP Peeper (Premium) Add-on Pack is getting a new name — POP Peeper Plus Pack. This is simply a name change; if you purchased the Add-on Pack, your forever license still applies to the Plus Pack.

Authenticode is more exciting to me than it is to you.

Authenticode is more exciting to me than it is to you.

Authenticode — You know when you install POP Peeper and you get that prompt asking for Administrator privileges and you ignore the warning about an “unknown publisher”? Well, no more! The installer and all .exe and .dll files will be signed with Authenticode. Also, with this technology, a CRC check of all the critical files can be verified under the Help/About page.


CNET download.com installer

August 26, 2011

Recently, most — if not all — programs you download from download.com use a proprietary installer. This was NOT a choice given to the software developers. And, it should be no suprise, their installer wants you to install a toolbar (installed by default, you can disable it during the installation process). I am NOT a fan of “bundled software” and I certainly don’t appreciate it being imposed on people downloading my software.

Users CAN avoid the download.com installer — below the download button is a direct download link, but you must be logged in to use it. My advice: use the direct download link if you already have an account; otherwise, find another download site.

I have requested that download.com remove their installer from my software; I am awaiting their response.

Update: Within a few hours of emailing download.com, they have removed their installer from my products.