February 7, 2014

GMail has been making changes in the past 7-10 days that prevent POP Peeper from accessing the account and may result in a “suspicious sign in” report. Several updates to the Webmail plugin have been made available to fix the issue, but each has only lasted 1-3 days before another change from GMail causes the problem again.

You may not see the problem, or it may appear sporadically. GMail records your IP address and if you login successfully with your browser, then POP Peeper will be able to login successfully as well. POP Peeper will continue to work until your IP address changes, and then you can repeat the process of logging in with your webbrowser to allow POP Peeper access again.

It is recommended that you switch your GMail accounts to use IMAP using the settings in this FAQ: GMail IMAP.

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  1. Hi,
    Actually i have 15(Fifteen) Gmail account and not possible to login all the time through Gmail from browser. when i shut down and restart my lappy(PC) again it will ask for login in browser. It is very irritating to login all the time, and it will also take too much time to check all the mail. so please check the issue and resolve asap.

  2. Please try using the IMAP method to access your account mentioned in the original article above.

  3. Thanks,
    Its Working

  4. I can’t find the SSL option on the Menu.

  5. I’m not sure which SSL option on the menu you’re referring to. I have added screenshots to the GMail IMAP FAQ, in case that helps.

  6. Thanks for the tip Jeff.

  7. I set imap is in ‘gmail account that in the options poppeper and port 993
    but continues to try to connect with gmail and then it turns out time expired

  8. Setting to port 993 is not enough by itself — you need to make sure that SSL is enabled. If that’s not the problem or you have any other questions, please contact support via email.

  9. ok now it works thanks

  10. Hi.

    I had not accessed my Gmail account for 6 days (out of town).
    When I returned I saw the message “Login Error: Check your Login Name and Password.”.
    I activated Imap + I logined in browser several times.
    I received a notification about someone trying to access the mail account, I clicked on “It was me”.
    But still I see the message in POP Peeper.

    What can I do more?
    Thank you.


  11. You said that you activated Imap, so I assume that you enabled IMAP in your gmail account, but you also need to change your account settings in POP Peeper to use IMAP. Once you change your POP Peeper account to use IMAP, you will not have to worry about the login issue related to your IP address changing.

  12. New Gmail Security changes took place July 15, 2014. I enabled this feature on my Gmail account, and now PopPeeper, nor my email client Thunderbird, can connect unless I disable this Gmail feature.

    Any plans to modify Webmail to conform to Google’s new enhanced security for Gmail?

    I also posted this under Tech Support at the Forum under user name searchlight.

  13. I just switched the server type to Gmail from IMAP for my Gmail account in PopPeeper, and now it seems to work.

  14. Regarding the GMail security changes (July 15) reported by Marc, further discussion is on the forum.

  15. thanks
    its working

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