Happy 15th birthday to POP Peeper

August 20, 2016

It seems like just 15 years ago that I started working on a personal email notifier because… well, who remembers?  On August 23, 2001, I put v.1 on my home page, known as “Mortal Universe Software Entertainment” (MUSE) back then, hosted on whatever ISP I was using at the time.  A few months later, I submitted v1.0 to download.com — thinking it was finished — and moved onto other things.  About a month later, download.com published it and I started getting feedback.

One of the first requests I received was to support Hotmail (it really was called “Hotmail” back then).  I thought it was an interesting idea.  In hindsight, it was one of the best and worst decisions… 🙂

The oldest version of POP Peeper I could find in my archives was v2.3.1, released May 21, 2004.  There have been some changes since then, but it’s easy to see that the interface hasn’t changed too much in 11+ years.  I don’t think that there was even a menu in the first versions.  Here’s a screenshot of v2.3.1 running on Windows 10:

POP Peeper v2.3.1 on Windows 10

POP Peeper v2.3.1 on Windows 10








But enough nostalgia!  For those interested in the programs of today — to celebrate POP Peeper’s 15th birthday, there’s a 15% store-wide discount this week, through August 27, 2016:


6 Responses to “Happy 15th birthday to POP Peeper”

  1. Happy Birthday, POP Peeper!

    I have been using the software for probably most of its 15 years. I can’t imagine not having the software now. I would certainly lose track of several of my half-dozen plus email accounts. Keep up the good work Jeff!

  2. “The Utility I Couldn’t Live Without” Congrats Jeff! And thanks for your hard work and patience! Peace j 😎

  3. I’ve been using this for many years – and now as ever, STILL the best of its kind. Happy Birthday!

  4. Brilliant. And PORTABLE so it can be used at work with no admin rights. It’s been a savour email program in my eyes.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Pop Peeper! 🙂
    Hopefully it will keep up with latest (undesired) changes performed by e-mail providers. 😉

    Out of curiosity I’ve searched my software catalog and found the very same old version 2.3.1 on a CD burned in 2004, along with v2.3.2 and v2.3.4. So apparently we’re old acquaintances. 🙂

    Now let me show you how Pop Peeper 4.2 looks on my old and beloved Windows 98SE machine in 2016 (hopefully it works):


  6. Congrats on a most useful PP Program and Aeris Calendar, Jeff!

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