POP Peeper Pro available

September 25, 2014

Over the past several weeks, I have been announcing the availability of POP Peeper Pro v4.0 to certain groups including donors, facebook, twitter and the mailing list. And now, POP Peeper v4.0 is available to everyone.

POP Peeper Pro is shareware which you can use for 30 days, after which, you must purchase a license to continue using the Pro features. The retail price is $29.95 and there are currently some promotions available (see below). After 30 days, POP Peeper Pro will revert to the free version. The stand-alone free version of POP Peeper will be available at a later date.

POP Peeper Pro Promotions
The following promotions are currently available (1 offer per order):

  1. Buy POP Peeper Pro and get the Plus Pack for free. This is the best deal if you have not previously purchased the Add-on Pack (now known as the Plus Pack).  If you have purchased the Add-on Pack, the Plus Pack is a free upgrade.  This is a limited time offer!  Buy POP Peeper Bundle
  2. $5 off POP Peeper Pro.  To be eligible for this, you must have previously purchased either the Add-on/Plus Pack or Aeris Calendar.  To retrieve your $5 coupon, use the Product Request form and the coupon will be delivered via email.  The Plus Pack is a free upgrade if you previously purchased the Add-on Pack.


Download POP Peeper Pro here


More information
For more information about POP Peeper Pro, which includes AntiJunk, Spell Checker and Web of Trust:
POP Peeper Pro

For more information about the POP Peeper Plus Pack, which includes Voice notification, RSS, Sent Mail Viewer, access to remote folders and more:
POP Peeper Plus Pack

2 Responses to “POP Peeper Pro available”

  1. 1- Does purchasing PP-Pro 4.0.1 for my laptop
    enable it to also be used on my wife’s PC?

    2 – Can I “mirror” (copy) my accounts
    and profile settings to her PC?

    We are not always on at the same time so this would
    allow either of us to notify the other of new mail.


  2. The general rule of thumb is that this is a per-user license or such that you only have one instance of the license in use at a time. However, if you have the same configuration for personal use as in your case, that should be fine, too.
    To copy the accounts/settings, you want to copy the ini file, which you can find the location of under the main menu: Tools / Options / Storage

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